WINNERS Liquid Balm After Shave (Caffeinated)

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    WINNERS Liquid Balm After Shave is like no other after shave on the market.  It is specifically designed for ultra competitive, active men and elite athletes. This after shave is meticulously formulated to reduce post shave irritation and eliminate razor bumps.  


    The anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel soothe the skin while the disinfectant properties of sweet almond oil clean, moisturize, protect.  With just a touch of mint and alcohol the skin is refreshed and tightened.  


    Last but not least, caffeine comes to the rescue to rejuvenate the skin, reducing wrinkles and signs of aging.  WINNERS Liquid Balm After Shave is essentially an all-in-one miracle serum that soothes, cleans, moisturizes, freshens, and protects, all while keeping you looking young. You will be hard pressed to find a better post shave formula, PERIOD.

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