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Why do I need Beard Oil?

When you grow a beard your facial hair absorbs the natural oils from your skin leaving it dry, irritated, and itchy.  WINNERS Beard Oil replaces the natural oils of your skin soothing and hydrating your skin.  


What is WINNERS Beard Oil?

WINNERS Beard oil is a blend of carrier and essential oils designed to soften, cleanse, and enhance your beard. All beard oils are not created equal so it is important to check ingredients. WINNERS Beard Oil is comprised of the absolute highest grade, 100% all natural essential and carrier oils available. Rest assured we spared no expense when selecting the oils contained in each small batch of this excessively superior beard oil.

My Beard is always dry and itchy.  Will Beard Oil help?

Absolutely!  By replacing the natural oils of your skin WINNERS Beard Oil nourishes and soothes giving you comfort and allowing you to grow your best beard ever!

My Beard looks raggedy and patchy.  Will WINNERS Beard Oil help thicken it?

Yes! WINNERS Elite Beard Oil is one of the only premium beard oils on the market containing caffeine.  Caffeine has been used in shampoos for years to stimulate hair growth, while thickening and strengthening hair.  Now WINNERS Elite Beard Oil offers these same benefits specifically for your beard! Want more information on why caffeine is important to your beard? Read our blog post 3 Reasons Your Beard Needs Caffeine.

What does WINNERS Beard Oil Smell like? 

WINNERS Beard Oil is made with 100% natural vanilla and sandalwood essential oils. This is going to give your beard a warm, woodsy scent that is subtle and not overpowering.

For more Information on WINNERS Beard Oil checkout our latest blog post here.

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Beard Oil

"WINNERS is the real deal. As a longtime owner of a longer goatee, I've tried several other oils and products to try to enhance and manage my look. This is easily the best I've used. I think the difference is the quality of ingredients- for example the high sandalwood content. The smell is great and I feel noticeably better when I'm WINNING."

- Joe P

"This is the best beard oil that I've every used. Smells excellent and makes my bread soft as a baby's rear end."

- Phil B

"First time user turned loyal customer.  Aromatic.  My old lady stopped complaining about my beard after single use."

- Barry W

"I've been using the product everyday.  I can definitely say that this oil is incredible.   I've never been able to connect my beard to my mustache and just after 4 days the hair began to grow in and my beard has never been softer."

- Anthony Y

"I found Winner’s Beard Oil online after being less than satisfied with other competing products.  You get what you pay for and there is no doubt that the quality of the oils included in this blend is unmatched."

- Michael D

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