Relieve the Itch!
Growing a beard can cause the natural oils in your face to dry up.  This is what causes itching and irritation.
The quickest way to relieve this itching is to use a high quality beard oil that contains jojoba oil.  Jojoba oil is a natural oil that most closely mimics the oil of your skin that is called sebum.  Replace the sebum.  Relieve the itch!
Feed it Caffeine for Fuller Stronger Facial Hair!
Caffeine has been used in shampoos and conditioners for years to thicken and strengthen hair.  First, find a beard oil that contains caffeine.  Beard oil will stay on your beard all day allowing it to absorb into the facial hair.  Also, use a caffeinated shampoo.  Just know it will be less effective because you will wash it out after 5 minutes and you should only wash your beard 2 to 4 times per week tops!  You can read more about the effects of caffeine on your beard here.
Don't Over Wash Your Beard!
This part is super important!  If you wash your beard too often it will strip away the natural oils in your facial hair leaving it dry and brittle.  Instead of washing every day, use a beard oil that contains sweet almond oil.  Sweet almond oil acts as a disinfectant to keep your beard clean while it and the other oils in the beard oil will keep your beard nourished and hydrated.  Washing your beard 2 to 4 times a week is plenty if you are using a beard oil with disinfectant properties.  If you are not using a beard oil like this and not washing your beard then, yeah, that's just gross! 
Chances are, if you are still reading this, your are looking for a better beard oil.  You came to the right spot.  Use code: WINNERS10 for $10 OFF your first order of the World's Best Beard Oil!
As Seen In

"WINNERS is the real deal. As a longtime owner of a longer goatee, I've tried several other oils and products to try to enhance and manage my look. This is easily the best I've used. I think the difference is the quality of ingredients- for example the high sandalwood content. The smell is great and I feel noticeably better when I'm WINNING."

- Joe P

"This is the best beard oil that I've ever used. Smells excellent and makes my beard soft as a baby's rear end."

- Phil B

"First time user turned loyal customer.  Aromatic.  My old lady stopped complaining about my beard after single use."

- Barry W

"I found Winner’s Beard Oil online after being less than satisfied with other competing products.  You get what you pay for and there is no doubt that the quality of the oils included in this blend is unmatched."

- Michael D

                         WINNERS Beard Oil is made from 100% all natural ingredients. Some of these ingredients are known to be natural aphrodisiacs. Use with caution as WINNERS Beard Oil may cause the following side effects: ridiculous increase in confidence, constant positive mindset, noticeable gain in muscle definition with drastic decrease in fat. If symptoms persist continue use as this will become the norm and you will forget that losing is even an option.  

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