No Shave November 2018

Gentlemen, another No Shave November is off and running! Here are a few simple reminders to help you grow your best, most comfortable beard this November.

1) Keep your facial hair and skin hydrated and moisturized to reduce itching. When you first decided it was time to grow your man mane you may have noticed that growing facial hair can be itchy and irritating. This is because growing facial hair strips the natural oils from your skin, causing it to dry out. In order to keep your skin and facial hair hydrated and moisturized, it is important to replenish the natural oils in your skin by using a high quality beard oil. The first time I used a good beard oil, it was a complete game changer. It allowed me to grow a beard and still live in comfort. Two things I previously thought could not co-exist.

Pro Tip: Use a Caffeinated Beard Oil to stimulate facial hair growth while also strengthening the facial hair, leading to a thicker, manlier beard.

2) Go ahead and clean up that neck beard. The first thing to start itching when you go all in on No Shave November is your neck. Just because your participating, doesn't mean you can't clean up around the edges. Break that razor back out just long enough to clean up your neck and above your cheeks. This is a must for anyone not wanting to look like a crack addict scratching their neck every 5 seconds. Trust me, you're still a man and you're still in on No Shave November. The only difference is now you'll be a lot more comfortable than your co-worker rocking that neck beard and complaining about how he can't wait until December so he can shave and that his wife doesn't like his beard anyway.

3) Don't wash your beard too much. This one is huge and often overlooked. Since your beard is on your face and most people wash their face daily, many people think they should wash their beard daily. This simply is not true.

Washing your beard with soap or shampoo strips away a lot of the natural, healthy oils in your facial hair. The more you wash it, the dryer it will get causing it to become itchy and also brittle. Wash your beard only 2 to 3 times per week.

Don't worry about people saying beards are dirty. If you are using a good beard oil, it should have ingredients like sweet almond oil that act as a disinfectant. This will keep your beard cleaner, while also keeping it healthy and comfortable. Just think, your girl doesn't wash her hair every day does she? We all know it's mostly dry shampoo by the end of the week. In this case, we're dumping the dry shampoo for a high quality beard oil. Got it?

4) Take your vitamins. I don't mean beard boosting vitamins or any other hocus pocus "beard growth" ingestibles. Yes, vitamins are essential to hair and facial hair health. Vitamins are essential to health in general. Ingredients to look for in regards to hair health are vitamins A, B Complex, D, and K. Biotin has also proven beneficial when it comes to hair health.

Chances are your typical multi-vitamin will have most of these vitamins already included. No reason to buy specific "Beard Growth" vitamins when you can easily get what you need from a simple multi or maybe just a few fairly cost efficient vitamin supplements. Here is an article describing what vitamins are good for healthy hair.

Guess what gentlemen, this isn't rocket science. Facial hair, while maybe coarser, is still hair. The same vitamins that encourage stronger, healthier hair will do the same for facial hair. Don't fall victim to the marketing hype behind "Beard Growth" vitamins.

5) Be patient and be a beast. Every self-respecting man knows good things don't just happen overnight. It takes patience and discipline to achieve goals and growing a beard is not different. Give it some time. Stick to the path. Just know while you're doing it, there is a beast waiting on the other side of November. Are you willing to stick it out to meet him? Or would you rather cash in your chips and go back to a baby-faced, low T version of yourself? You do the math. These are not trick questions.

Good luck gentlemen. Chances are, if you do this thing right, you will likely continue to wear a beard long after November. You will likely see a boost in confidence as well as increased attraction from the opposite sex. This is not hypothetical. This is fact.

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